Bheem In The City

Chhota Bheem and Krishna vs Zimbara



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Avi chacha informs the kids about a huge meteor coming towards Dholakpur so Bheem and friends plan and kick it away. Later, the kids gets an invitation from Bheem’s father, Abhimanyu, to visit Raunak Sheher.

The kids reach the city, where, while shopping and enjoying the city life, they get to know about a wrecked spaceship that landed in the city and was kept under observation in the city science lab. Meanwhile, back at home, the kids are attacked by two aliens. In between of the fight, Chutki gets to know that there is some connection between the meteor that they hit in Dholakpur and the spacecraft.

To solve the mystery, the kids go to the science lab with Abhimanyu, followed by the two aliens, only to learn that the meteor was a spaceship which belong to the aliens. The kids try to explain the Mayor everything, but he captures the aliens for their powers. Now, it’s upto Bheem and the team to fight the mayor and set the aliens free so that they could return back to their planet.