Chhota Bheem Aur Malongh Ka Raaz




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Bheem and the kids get invited to the village of Malonngh in Northeast India to celebrate Bheem’s birthday.

After reaching there they befriend Bheem’s fan, Chimon. The kids get involved in the village customs and traditions and go on an adventure to a nearby magical forest, the Forest Of Myth. But soon their adventure turns into a tragedy as Bheem frees a one-legged goblin and gets cursed from the beast of the jungle.

Bheem's birthday day gets disappears from the calendars and on that same date, the villagers perform a ritual to appease the beast every year as a curse is on them as well. Without performing the ritual, the villagers will turn into rock eggs.

So once again Bheem and the kids along with Chimon, go on an adventure to find a solution to this problem before the last villager, Chimon turns into a rock. With time ticking by, the kids come across the beast, a Yeti. A fight takes place, Bheem realizes he cannot defeat the Yeti and must find a different solution. In the end, they get to know that the Yeti is a villager of Malonngh and thus the last villager.

Bheem takes this moment and wishes upon a goblin without wasting any time. Things fall in pieces and the yeti has a change of heart. The curse is broken, the villagers come back to life while Bheem gets back his birthday.