Chhota Bheem Veer Bahadur Bheem





The villagers are preparing for Holi when Ghadiyal, an evil magician, sneaks in and tries to get away with a powerful cloak. The kids manage to stop him and unknowingly save the cloak. Later, the king informs them that the cloak belonged to Veer Bahadur and the protection of the cloak was his heirloom responsibility.

Bheem and team assure him that they’ll make sure Ghadiyaal doesn’t get away with the cloak. The next day, when everyone is busy with the celebration, Ghadiyaal sneaks in and manages to get his hands in it, awakening Veer Bahadur. Angry, Veer Bahadur attacks Dholakpur and the king. Bheem and team intervene and save the king, pacifying VeerBahadur and assuring him to bring back the cloak. Veer Bahadur, in return grant each kid a part of his power to fight Ghadiyaal. Bheema and team fight and defeat Veer Bahadur with brain and brawn and bring back the cloak to Dholakpur, saving the day. Everybody happily enjoys Holi.